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Piece Count Lot Control Strip & 7-Up Tags Daily Delivery Tags Computer Tags Invoices Dry Cleaning Laundry Computer Staplers & Staples Tagging Guns/Fasteners Safety Pins & Straight Pins Assembly Hooks.

Identification Tagging Systems Links
LPS liberty Pittsburgh Systems
Stry-Lenkoff Company

Eco Solv, Dowper, Perc, Kwik Dry Petroleum Exxon DF 2000 Green EarthDry

Cleaning Solvents Links
Dow Chemical-Dowper - Dowper Solvent
Chevron-Phillips Eco Solv - Eco Solv Solvent
Shin-Etsu Silicones of America - Source for Green Earth Cleaning Solvent
R.R. Streets & Company, Inc. - Source for DF-2000 Hydro Carbon Solvent

Dry Cleaning Chemicals and Spotting Agent Links
R.R. Streets & Company, Inc.
Adco Inc.
Seitz Inc.
A.L. Wilson

Standard Carbon Core Standard All Carbon Split Adsorption Split Carbon Premium Darco Hyflo/Hysweet Bulk Carbon Bags Detergents – Charge Detergents – Injection Sizing- Liquid/Beads/Spray Water & Stain Repellent Spotting Chemicals Specialty Chemicals Wet Cleaning Chemicals Adjustable Bottle Caps

For Cartridge Filters
R.R. Streets & Company, Inc.
Adco Inc.
Kleen Rite Inc.

For Powder Filtration
Seitz Inc. - For ClenoSolv Absorb (Bentonite Powder Filtration)

For Krystal Klean Powder
Krystal Klean Powder

Clear & Tinted – All Sizes Custom Printed Storage Bags Shirt Bags – 10"x16" Boutique/Colossal Poly Sweater Bags Comforter Bags Laundry Wrap & PVC Drapery Poly

Procter & Gamble Vending UniLever Vending Coin-Op Sales Vending Wire Laundry Baskets Portable Garment Racks Wash, Dry & Fold Products Detergent Bleach Laundry Bags

Lint Removers Brushes – Spotting, etc. Counter Racks Laundry Trucks Spotting Guns w/Hoses Spray Guns w/Hoses Rack Dividers Dye Restorers Scale Karts Z-Racks Toilet Tissue Paper Towels Can Liners

Dry Cleaning Presses Laundry Presses Flatwork Ironers Counter & Laundry Bags Counter Bag Racks Laundry Nets Zipper Nets – Dry Cleaning Fusible Mending Tape Lint Bags Shirt Buttons Pants Zippers Press Head Cleaners Iron Shoes Ace-Hi Irons

Pads and Covers Links
F.H. Bonn
Air World

Professional pads and covers installation is available, please ask your representative about this service.

Enzyme Industrial & Linen Multi-Purpose Liquid Injection Starches – Powder/Liquid Anti-Chlor Sodium Perborate Shop Towel Dyes Specialty Products

Laundry Chemicals Links
Faultless Starch Bon-Ami
Diamond Chemicals
West Coast Laundry & Ware Washing
Sunbow Technologies

Boxes – Top & End Load Boards – 8x12" & 8x14" Shirt & Drapery Bands Collar Supports – Plastic Collar Supports – Board Sta-Put Trouser Guards Foam Shoulder Guards GARMENT COVERS Plain, Stock & Custom TISSUE PAPER White, Blue, Pink Bust Forms Gown Boxes Tie & Belt Boards Coat Retainers Skirt Clips – Plastic/Metal SHOULDER SAVERS Board – Men’s/Ladies’ Plastic – Men’s/Ladies’ Bagging Racks & Jacks Kraft Paper – 30" & 36"

Basket and Scales Links
C.R. Daniels Baskets
Newhouse Scales

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